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impactlake™ is the industry’s first impact accounting tool that offers one-stop support for impact management, impact accounting for companies, investors, and other impact creation entities, aimed at maximizing the generated impact.

Supporting Impact Management for All Types of Organizations

impactlake™ activates impact management and accounting for investors, businesses, and organizations of all sizes, maximizing the impact, corporate value, and business value created.


Integrating impactful information disclosure and dialogue into investment activities and organizations will lead to maximizing the value and significance of their presence and contributions in society.

Business Enterprise

Achieving management and business activities with an awareness of impact leads to enhanced engagement and maximized ROESG, contributing to sustainable growth of enterprise value.

Other Organizations

For governments or non-profit organizations, we provide support in impact assessment, management, and disclosure in their activities, aiming to maximize the impact generated.

The features of impactlake™


Hours to Complete
Impact Disclosure



+ Impact Category
of Local/Global



+ Impact Item
and related KPI/Statistics



% Reduction of
Operation Loads

Providing Key Functions of Impact Management

impactlake™ covers the key processes from information collection and model creation to impact accounting and internal/external disclosure that are required for impact management.


Collect Impact Information

You can learn about the background issues and materiality of each impact category. At the same time, you can deeply understand the impacts that you or your competitors, customers, and stakeholders can create in their business and investment.。

Build Impact Models

Without organizing impact creation pathways from scratch, standard impact models for each of 30 areas can be customized with an intuitive tree-format UI, making it possible to build models that are easy for stakeholders to understand and that reliably convey the unique appeal of your company.


Set / Manage Impact KPIs

You can select suitable publicly available statistics for KPIs that trace your company’s impacts on the market as a whole. In addition, you can collect internal data to evaluate your contribution by just assigning accounts to each dept. and asking them to enter data in secure environment.

Measure Impacts

The general evaluation process based on the latest knowledge is facilitated by inputting the necessary information. In addition, since the impact model and KPI can be linked, even complicated quantification can be achieved in a single step without any arbitrary and bias.


Impact Accounting

Based on the quantified and evaluated impacts of investments and businesses, it is possible to perform integrated impact accounting for the entire portfolio or company. It allows not only for management but also for future impact plans and their budget-to-actual and progress tracking.

Disclose / Report Impact

Based on the information managed in the tool, simple impact reports can be created and visually disclosed on the Web in multiple languages, making it easier and more effective to communicate impact creation results and strategies to investors and other stakeholders.

Covering a Wide Range of Impact Categories

In impactlake™, about 30 impacts are defined as themes related to “society,” “environment,” and “economy.The impact models are further subdivided into target countries and regions (domestic, global, etc.) and intensities (value-added, basic value, economic rationality, social rationality, etc.), and are updated and provided as needed.




Tailor Your Plan to Your Goals and Progress

Adopting tools is not the end goal; it’s about aligning with impact management strategies to enhance effectiveness and drive performance and corporate value. ESG/sustainability trends are irreversible and long-term, so it’s essential to consider a comprehensive, medium to long-term perspective from both a strategic and practical viewpoint. impactlake™ is here to support you multifacetedly in achieving these objectives. Start with a consultation.


  • Tailored Support for Strategic Impact Management
  • Flexible Environment, including Integration with External Data and On-Premises Support


Demands on AUM / Enterprise Value
  • Features for Accelerating Impact Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • On-Demand Online Consultation


Monthly $200~
  • Essentials for Impact Management at the Initial Phase
  • Secure Cloud-Based Environment
  • Full Access to Essential Knowledge and Tips for Utilization
Logic Model Wizard
Impact Quantification
Management Dashboard
Planning and Performance Management
Report and Disclosure to Stakeholders
Sector-Specific Standard Logic Model
Impact Accounting and Value Simulation
Portfolio and Departmental Management
Report Auto-Generation / Web API
External Database Integration
Multiple Account and Permission Settings
Private Domain
On-Premises and SLA Support, and More
Knowledge Base and Tips
Online Support
Individual Coaching and Consulting


Do you provide ratings, indexes, external certifications, etc.?


It is not an third-party opinion or score, but a tool that provides a process for impact management and maximize the impact.

Is it consistent and compatible with global standards?


Categories like IRIS+ are available.
And compatible with major initiatives like Operating Principles for Impact Management.

Do you offer Quicklook(reports) or consulting only?


We are happy to suggest the best services and steps to take to meet your needs and situations. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learn More About impactlake™

For those interested in impactlake™, Impact Management, Impact Accounting, or any aspect of impact utilization, please feel free to contact us through the link below for inquiries, such as requesting a demo.

Additionally, you can download various documents from the following links. Please make the most of these resources.

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