Start Providing Comprehensive Solution for Impact Startup

Background and Purpose

For companies, purpose-driven and sustainable management has unquestionably become a top agenda. Particularly in startups, while factors such as sustainability (ESG) considerations, including governance, are naturally taken into account, the evaluation is relatively more focused on future growth prospects. It can be said that, in a relative sense, impact (growth potential) is overwhelmingly more important than ESG (sustainability).

On the other hand, startups require intense focus on their business. Despite the importance, CEOs, even with strong dedication, may struggle to find time. Hiring individuals with impactful management skills is also tough due to cost and time constraints.

This service provides all the essential features for impact management in startups, seamlessly supporting from the early stages to full integration. It aims to contribute to achieving and sustaining effective impact management, going beyond simple consulting or tools.

Key Features of this Service

  • Establishing effective impact management involves implementing practical strategies within the organization. This includes ongoing efforts for skill development and structural enhancements, ensuring a scalable and sustainable approach over the mid-to-long term.
  • Providing impact assessment and economic value evaluation tailored to the practical perspective of businesses, while incorporating the ‘investor’ viewpoint based on collaborative research with major financial institutions.
  • An impact management approach that emphasizes quick assessment, easy comparison, reproducibility, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with business strategy.

Mainly Beneficial for:

  • Startups aiming to create impact and address social challenges (Seed to Early Stage)
  • Startups aiming for an Impact IPO (Middle to Later Stage)

Package Overview

We comprehensively provide the following functionalities essential for impact startups:

(Image of Provided Features)

Key features for sustained impact management in the future

Offering the impact management tool, impactLake™

Essential features for the initial stages of impact management

  • Establishing organizational structure and management flows to drive impact management forward
  • Fundamental organization for future impact management

Steady-state functionalities essential for ongoing impact management

  • Annual and quarterly evaluations (Updating and refreshing the evaluation system)​
  • Annual and quarterly disclosure report creation (PDF and Web formats)

Features contributing to advanced impact management

  • Individual project and plan evaluation at the launch of new initiatives, including PR support​
  • Constructing equity stories, including tailored engagement with international impact investors
  • Development of business strategy, research and development strategy, etc.
  • Creative support (Creating sustainability concept videos, etc)


For detailed information and a quote for each plan, please contact us individually.

Minimum Plan

Provision of the Impact Management Tool, impactLake™, only

Basic Plan

(In addition to the above) Comprehensive provision of functionalities required in the initial stages (Project implementation only in the first year, continued tool usage)

Standard Plan

(In addition to the above) Comprehensive provision of a wide range of functionalities required for ongoing impact management (In addition to continuous tool usage, comprehensive provision of functionalities required regularly)

Fundamental Philosophy Behind our Service Provision

  • This program and the tools/solutions that constitute it offer not just a framework for numerical management but insights and processes, with continuous updates to them.
  • Beyond mere organization and visualization, true management lies in how you leverage it. We aim for a seamless integration into the strategy, disclosure, and fundraising aspects of impact startups.
  • Empowering the organization to self-operate is the key in impact management. We achieve this by adjusting the balance between tools and individual support at each phase, moving away from constant reliance on external consultants.

Contact Us

For inquiries, detailed information requests, or proposal requests, please use the following link or contact the IMPACTLAKE office at

Start Providing Comprehensive Solution for Impact Startup
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