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Since October of last year, impactlake™ has been available for trial in its beta version. We are pleased to announce the official launch after collaborating with investors (institutional investors and venture capitalists) and businesses (including startups) and incorporating their feedback.


As businesses and companies strive to create more value and increase their societal impact, addressing ESG issues has become a top priority. With the growing evidence of the diverse connections between ESG and corporate value, the significance of advanced ESG-focused impact management is on the rise.

On the other hand, achieving effective impact management still poses challenges in terms of both quantity and quality. IMPACTLAKE has been offering services to institutional investors, businesses, and other impact-driven entities to help them overcome these hurdles. As these activities are expected to grow, we developed this tool to allow impact generators to accumulate knowledge and information. This facilitates a gradual shift from outsourcing to self-driven approaches, promoting a company-wide understanding and awareness of impact management.

In creating this tool, we leveraged IMPACTLAKE’s experience in impact management across different stages and industries, gained through diverse support. We collaborated with the major institutional investor and the academic institution to establish a practical approach to impact management. Looking ahead, we anticipate further advancements and integrations in this field. IMPACTLAKE and impactlake™ will continue to refine frameworks and functionalities based on practical considerations.

*Reference Paper :The Evolution of Impact Accounting and Utilization of Logic-Model in Corporate Strategy


This tool is a full-stack impact management solution primarily designed for businesses and investors. It offers the following key functionalities (For more details, please inquire):

Logic Model Construction:

  • Respond to IMPACTLAKE’s five-step categorization, including target categories, regions, and intentions (direction of impact creation).
  • Based on the responses, a base logic model is generated for over 50 impact categories (Impact to Output).
  • The created base model allows linking company or organizational activities using a highly visible tree-style UI, updating to match the corresponding logic model.

KPI Management and Impact Quantification:

  • Set KPIs and estimation logic for each item constructed in the logic model, interlinked with the model.
  • Accumulate references for statistical data in the estimation logic, enabling continuous historical management in the same model for subsequent years (approximately a 70% reduction in workload for the following year).
  • Optionally, outsource quantification tasks quickly and efficiently.

Dashboard and Report Creation:

  • Aggregate and manage quantified and economically valued impacts using predefined logic, categorized for integrated management.
  • Understand impacts targeted for management from various perspectives such as overall, portfolio-specific, impact-specific, and chronological.
  • Easily request impact report creation and quantification for each management subject.

Other Features:

  • Portfolio Management: Segregate various information and access rights for units of management, such as departments and funds targeted for impact management. Set and manage initiatives (e.g., business or investment activities for impact creation) for each portfolio.
  • Reference time-series statistical information related to each impact item and sustainability information related to publicly traded companies (reports, various disclosure data), linking them to the model (expansion planned gradually, subject to scope and freshness).

IMPACTLAKE will continue to drive business and solution development that contributes to impact management in the future.

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The impactlake™ white paper is available for download from the following link.

For inquiries regarding any uncertainties about this release, impactlake™, or future development roadmaps, please use the following contact information.


Launch Official Version
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