Related Terms and Definitions

At IMPACTLAKE, we have organized various concepts used in impact assessment as follows. Please note that we aim to align these definitions with international standards as much as possible, but they are organized to facilitate some level of guidance and quantification with a degree of standardization in mind.

Impact Visualization

Impact Model

A tree-like diagram depicting the pathways of impact creation. It is commonly referred to as a ‘logic model.’ Categories are described later.

Impact Items

Elements found along the pathways of impact creation. Definitions for each element are provided later.

Impact Paths

Various pathways connecting impact items. Categories and relationships are detailed later.

Elements Becoming Impact Items


The results you want to achieve in the medium to long term, or the issues you want to resolve.


Sub-impacts necessary to realize the impact, representing specific achievements attained through various activities.


Social added value generated by activities and serves as the source for outcomes.


Business activities or other initiatives carried out by value creators.


Resources or capital investments required for activities.


Concepts that extend beyond the impact either temporally or in terms of scale.


Issues that cannot be resolved in the short term and are somewhat foundational (detailed descriptions follow).

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